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  4. Eased
    Fixed a few issues that prevented the site from fully showing as HTTPS compliant. (Mixed Content)
  5. Eased
    New ad zones!
  6. Eased
    New CL portal page is live.
  7. Eased
    You make me sick.
  8. Eased
    New smileys added!
  9. Armegedon
    How do you kill, that which has no life?
  10. Reaper
    finally got GTA5!
  11. Armegedon
    do the chickens have large talons?
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  12. Eased
    Now a red and blue option of V3.0 theme. Use the style selector in the bottom left corner!
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    2. Armegedon
  13. Eased
    The forum themes have been updated to v3.0!
  14. CHIAOO
    CHIAOO Eased
    They do it on purpose, like my friends and me are a team, they are a team too. Their team do the live game show on a Chinese twitch, and show audience how do they destroy others' house to gain gift (similar to twitch, gift = money). I tried to stop them but i failed. I hope you could help us. TY.
  15. CHIAOO
    CHIAOO Eased
    And they also killed us (my friends and me) and occupied our house. i have a prtscn that shows their names, but i am afraid of that they will change a new steam user id and enter this serve again. They ONLY play this game at night (when you sleep).
  16. CHIAOO
    CHIAOO Eased
    HI, EASED, do you remember me? Some Chinese players destroyed both the castle and the floating house which we made these days (they used your gift code near our house and then they got a lot of zombies but they didn't kill them. We have already put the claim stones in our house ,so they have to use zombies to destroy the door in order to get our food, water and weapons).
  17. Eased
    Eased d0t1q
    Bout time!
  18. livvyfainauriel
  19. Eased
  20. Eased
    Eased TheKakuzato
    Welcome to VIP!
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