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Top Releases of November 2022

The excitement of the Steam Winter Sale is almost upon us, but before we jump in we’re happy to announce Steam’s Top Releases of November. As always, we look at every release for the month, highlighting the Top 20 games and Top 5 DLC releases based on the first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch.

The Top Releases of November 2022[]

Powerful Franchises

As fans celebrated the excitement of this year’s World Cup, Football Manager 2023 smashed its way onto November’s Top Release list. This franchise has steadily become a fixture on Steam with perennial appearances on our Top Release lists, so its comes as no surprise that football fans from around the world put it here once again.

Fatshark returns to the Top Release list with their brand new Warhammer 40,000 installment, Darktide. As they did for years with their Vermintide series, Fatshark showcases how appealing the Warhammer universe can be when combined with a well-designed product. No experience painting miniatures is required to enjoy all the visceral co-op action in this latest Warhammer hit.

Finally, we can’t mention franchises without giving a shout out to Spider-Man and Sonic. Both of these beloved heroes secured their place on this month’s Top Release list, all while saving the world yet again.

Deep Stories

The gameplay of a polished Top Release can be so engaging that it’s easy to lose sight of the incredible stories that these games tell. November’s top releases are not only filled with stories that are worth highlighting, they demonstrate how narratives can be integrated with compelling gameplay in a variety of ways. Several of the games this month, including Pentiment and The Devil in Me, shape their narratives around the choices and decisions that players make. The Past Within takes it a step further with a fresh co-op experience that allows friends to experience two sides of the same story from entirely different perspectives.

New Devs

Finally, we’d like to congratulate the teams that are releasing a product on Steam for the very first time. A big welcome and congrats go out to these development teams on their successful Steam debuts.

If you’re curious about previous months, head over to our Steam Charts overview page.

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