On now: The Steam Winter Sale! thumbnail

On now: The Steam Winter Sale!

The Steam Winter Sale is LIVE! From now until January 5th at 10am PST, you’ll find deals on thousands of games in our biggest sale of the year. Shop for yourself or your friends—you can gift specific games, or go the gift card route.

As for the Steam Awards, you’ve already nominated your favorite games from 2022, so now it’s time to VOTE! Vote HERE across all 11 categories by January 3rd at 9am PST; we’ll be announcing the winners just one hour later.

Here’s how:

(youtube voting video)

Feeling like you deserve a little something yourself? Of COURSE you do! We have everything from free stickers to a new badge you can craft with Winter Sale trading cards, along with other winter goodies on sale in the Points Shop.

The Steam Winter Sale is on now through January 5 at 10am PST! See you there!

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