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New DLC Discovery Hub with Steam Labs Experiment 15

Today’s new Steam Labs experiment is a store hub designed to help you find new content to enjoy in the games you already play.

You may have missed or forgotten about exciting add-on content for your favorite games, and this hub is designed to help you explore what is available and find ways of getting more of those great games. Whether it is individual character skins, content packs, new game modes, or huge expansion packs, there is probably something of interest to you.

Check out your personalized DLC hub here:

This entire page is personalized around you and filtered down to the games in your library, so you’ll need to be signed in to Steam to make use of it. Here are a few key details of this experiment:

  • Most Popular DLC For Your Games – The top-most section is focused on highlighting the most popular DLC for the games in your library. It may be for a game you played yesterday or years ago, but the content being highlighted is selling well right now.
  • The meat of the page is a breakdown of the games you’ve played recently, or you can switch to see your games by those you’ve played the most. Either way, we’ll show you each game with the set of available content that you don’t already have in your library.
    • Recently Played – simply ordered by those games you’ve played most recently first.
    • Most Played – ordered by the games you’ve played the most within the past few years. Then once it has shown all of those, it will start showing the games you’ve played most over past time periods.

Are there other ways you are interested in exploring the available DLC for your games? Please drop us some feedback and let us know.

Leave us feedback

Have you encountered a bug with this experiment? Or do you have a suggestion for interesting ways the DLC hub should present available content? Please visit the Experiment 15 Discussions to leave us your thoughts, suggestions, or bug reports.

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