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Steam Next Fest: February Wrap-Up

The February 2023 edition of Steam Next Fest is in the books, and it was another fun week of free demos and livestreams. We host Steam Next Fest three times a year, and each one is an opportunity for players to explore hundreds of demos of games before they launch on Steam.

Cool numbers from February 2023 Steam Next Fest:

  • 8.7 million unique visitors, the highest number yet for this event.
  • 675 playable demos, which is right in line with most Next Fests.

With so many demos to explore during just a week’s time, we thought we’d show the ones that a good number of Steam users seemed to enjoy (across all genres!) as a way to share some you may have missed. So we broke out a couple of smaller lists from the games that participated with demos in Steam Next Fest: February 2023 edition.

Check Out The List[]

On this list, we’ve included the two following views:

  • The overall most wish-listed games from the run of the fest (ranked by total number of wish-list adds)
  • Overall most-played demos during the event (ranked by the total number of demo activations)

While not all demos in these lists are still available, you can still check out their store pages to learn more about them, and to add to your wishlist to be notified when they officially ship.

Next Next Fest

Join us in June for the next Steam Next Fest! You can visit today and set a reminder to be notified when June Next Fest kicks off.

Demos All Year

You can always find amazing free demos available all year long on the Steam Demo Hub.

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